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Lead Generation for the Engineering Industry

We provide unique and specific lead generation services to the engineering and manufacturing sectors in the UK. We have gained specialist skills in delivery services within this industry sector through specific knowledge and understanding.

Our team is comprised of mature callers all of whom have a background in engineering.

Teleformance has years of experience of generating leads for machine tools companies in the UK and Ireland. We deliver high quality leads and vital marketplace information. We work with one company exclusively within each machine tool sector. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality service possible, and make our engagement a positive ROI investment for our clients.

Our Approach

We work only with one company in each machine tool sector. We never work for direct competitors.

We deliver appointments to your field sales team that build a strong pipeline and boost your bottom line. Our quality approach ensures that you get both short-term sales and a higher profile in your marketplace with all the long-term benefits that bestows.

We always generate more in sales than we charge, and always give a good ROI for our clients our service speaks for itself.

You get the sales leads you want, but you also get invaluable up-to-date information about your prospects' investment plans, preferences and criteria used when purchasing. This technique gives you essential and detailed background information that gives you a vital edge over your competitors.

Taking yor company to the front door of new opportunities